Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life in the Fiske Family

Well, I've tried keeping this thing up over the past few years, but somehow I'm just absolutey horrible at it! My friend's Alisha and Christy are great with keeping me posted through this, so I must be able to do the same!

I guess I'll give a brief overview of the past year. Dave returned from Iraq in Nov of 08 after a 15month tour. In June the kids and Mother-in-law came for their summer visit, and within a few weeks after their leaving, Dave went into the field for 1 month for training. In the mix of all this, I graduated with an Associates Degree, finished summer school, and am about to finish this fall semester in about a week.

After talking for over a year of starting a family of our own, we finally came to an agreement to start trying. I knew due to my endometriosis that it would be difficult, so we started out on Timed Intercourse, which involves me giving myself a hormone shot to boost my eggs, then a trigger shot to induce ovulation. Then, for 2 weeks after, I had to receive progesterone in olive oil and Delestrogen until we found out if we were positive or negative. My friend Alisha was a real trooper and was able to help me out with those last 2 weeks of shots, since they were incredibly thick! Since it came back negative, we decided to take a month off, and then try again. After talking my doctor into it, I had a laparoscopy today to clear out any endometriosis he may have found, along with scar tissue, in hopes that it would boost our chances again in Jan. Sooo....mid Jan we'll try again, and then Dave leaves for his deployment to Afghanistan towards the end of Jan for 12 months. We are being told that if this round doesn't take, our really only best true option is In-Vitro. But, I'm trying to wait and cross that bridge when we get to it. It seemed that this summer was the summer for babies....8 friends/family members have had or are about to have a baby, and I'm just blown away by it. FORTUNATELY, 1 of my friends lives here, less than 3 minutes actually, and I can love on her son all I could possibly want and more!!! I look forward to going shopping with her to ensure that I am stocked full of diapers, bottles, a pack & play, and all sorts of other baby goodies for when he comes to stay with his Aunt Regan!! This little snowman is just a blessing, not just to his family, but to those that surround that family.

We were both planning on heading back to SC to see the parents for Thanksgiving, but unfortunately Dave got really sick on Wed, and then I joined in on Thurs. 3 weeks later, and we still have it, although not to the degree it was, thank goodness!

2 Mondays ago I got into an accident coming back from my pre-op appointment in Nashville. Thank God I was not hurt, but walked away with just some neck and back soreness, and also that it didn't involve anyone else but myself and a sign in the median. I did quite a bit of damage to the car, so we'll be with a rental for about a month.

We have the Christmas tree up, and our lawn decorations, but we had some lighting difficulties with some of our strands for the roof, so that hasn't gotten done yet. I'm really hoping this weekend Dave will get up there and finish them, but go figure the weather has decided to turn very cold very quickly. I told him he could just leave them up, since he won't be here next year nd I can enjoy them, and then he can take them down after the Christmas he comes home!

Well, so far that's all I can think of for now, considering I'm on some pain meds and can't think too clearly. I will do my very BESTEST to stay on top of this thing this time!

Wishing for snow!! :)


  1. Yay! Welcome back to the blog world! Hope to see you again soon!

  2. P.s. Your blog just called, it wants an update!